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It's been a busy start to 2011 with lots of clients in the Berkhamsted High Street Clinic and also on Fridays at The Lifestyle Centre in Ashridge.

Tring Rugby have finally had some matches after a snowy December and unfortunately have had a few injuries already to be dealt with.

Hemel Storm appear to be the most injury stricken team I have ever worked with, at least one a week! It ranges from severe ankle sprains to hamstring and quadricep strains and even a bruised jaw with a concussion. Several of the players are working their way through rehab programmes whilst some are still resting before this can begin.

The only upside of so many injuries is that I continue to learn and develop rehab techniques to find the best results that I then bring to my clinical work.

If you are concerned about an injury you are carrying feel free to email me with any questions about what might be the right course of treatment for you.

Have a great 2011,