LD Sports Therapy

Desk Based Job Causing Back Pain

"I have to tell you that I am and have been pain free since your intervention and although my neck feels a bit tight still - I feel fantastic. You are a diamond! I have never had such pain relief from my neck and back. Thank you so much."

Audrey, Berkhamsted

Keen Cyclist

"I was referred to Laura in August due to a very painful upper leg and groin muscle injury. My painful condition began in May by cycling too much! No matter who I went to see I really had very little response from treatment. In actual fact no one could actually explain what I had done to myself and my injury meant I could no longer work. Thankfully Laura made a quick diagnosis, gave a full explanation and knew exactly what treatments would get me back to full fitness as soon as possible. I am very pleased with how things have worked out and I am now back to full time employment and starting to enjoy my cycling again. I really cannot recommend and thank Laura enough for her expert treatment and guidance."

Brian Hudson, Berkhamsted, age 50

5 A Side Football Player

"I went to see Laura for the first time in March 2011 for my aching legs and aching back, caused by weekly football. She used deep tissue sports massage and stretching techniques to loosen up my calves, hamstrings and my back. I have definitely felt better as a result of periodic massages and the regular little strains that happened all over my body after football have been greatly reduced."

Paul Wickens, Great Missenden, age 48

Shoulder Rehabilitation

"I've ridden horses for many years and fallen off them countless times. For some reason I always seem to land on my left-hand side and my shoulder and ribs have taken a pounding. I noticed when doing some work in the gym recently that I was very stiff through the shoulder but thought it was probably too late to do anything about it. A trainer suggested I consult Laura, and the work she has done has brought about a surprising improvement in my range of motion and flexibility on the damaged side. Laura gave me my first experience of deep massage combined with acupuncture and it's certainly benefited me. I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone, even if their condition is a long-standing one."

Robert Gill, Aldbury, age 67

Knee Rehabilitation

“Laura combines diagnostic expertise with hands-on treatment that really works. I am really happy that I have found a practitioner I can trust to look after my creaking old joints!”

Ann Hirst-Smith, Berkhamsted, age 66

Ankle Sprain and Tight Calves

“I recently trained, and competed in, the Brighton marathon but unfortunately picked up some niggling injuries along the way. Laura was thoroughly professional in her approach and treatment of the injuries and even opened my eyes to the world of acupuncture. I was a little apprehensive about acupuncture but when the treatment was completed found it sped up the recovery of my injuries and allowed me to get back to training earlier than predicted. I would not hesitate in recommending Laura and know that with an ageing body I will be using her in the future!”

Dylan Wendleken, Hemel Hempstead, age 39

Basketball Player

"I have always played basketball to a relatively high level, last May I was in the best condition I had ever been, but it came crumbling down when I badly tore a muscle in my quad. I was initially told I wouldn’t play for a year at minimum, and that serious rehab was needed. Laura was the sports therapist of my new basketball team. At first I avoided treatment because I hated being told I wasn’t allowed play. When I went to Laura for help my injury really started to improve. Within WEEKS (and not the previously outlined months) Laura had my leg back in full working order.

Laura is greatly skilled at her job.

She is the ultimate sports therapist for any person. She will really work the injury (in my case muscle) through rehabilitation; her experience and combination of old and new techniques works miracles. She masters the deep tissue massage, and adds a touch of acupuncture. She is 100% accurate with her recovery exercises and focus on speed, fitness and strength in your rehabilitation programme.

Above all of Laura’s occupational skills, her own personality shines through. She is professional in her work, but she has the warmest, kindest, friendliest and most approachable personality that I have come across. It is with great pleasure that I can recommend and thank Laura for all she has done for me."

Paul O'Sullivan, ex Hemel Storm and Ireland International Basketballer, age 24

Amateur Gymnast

"I went to Laura when I picked up an injury during my regular gymnastics training. Laura was extremely professional and quickly diagnosed the problem with my quad muscle; she went on to recommend acupuncture. I must admit that I have always been skeptical about acupuncture, but the difference it made almost immediately was astonishing. Laura was very friendly and put me at ease straightway, the acupuncture itself was pain-free and actually very relaxing. Laura has since taught me how to rebuild my muscle safely since the injury, and how to prevent further injuries. Laura also diagnosed and ironed out some of the knots in my shoulder muscles, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good, thank you Laura!"

 Sophie Ledger, Berkhamsted, age 22

Triathlon Competitor

I’ve always played a lot of sport, especially Rugby and most recently taken up Triathlon and long distance running. Consequently, I’ve experienced my fair share of injuries and thus had a fair amount of time with physios and sports therapists being prodded and massaged.

Laura has been an essential part of the 4 Marathons 4 Days 4 Henry team. Tom and I have benefited greatly from her advice and her skills on the massage table. Without her steering us in the right direction there is no doubt we would have destroyed our bodies by now. We’ve known Laura for years but something we were immediately impressed with was her professionalism and attention to detail despite retaining a friendly and personable demeanour. Despite how ridiculously knotted our muscles get from running and the resultant discomfort from having them removed, we still look forward to seeing Laura each week because we know how good she is and this is reflected in the fact that we are still up and running despite the heavy training load.

I would recommend Laura to anyone because as someone with an unfortunate amount of experience with sports therapists, I can safely say she is one of the best I have worked with.

Richard Akers, Chesham, age 23

Marathon Runner

'I've been training for a run for a few months now and have been receiving massages from Laura on a weekly basis. Not only has Laura picked up on old injuries, that I was unaware of but she has also taught me treatments to prevent any further injuries. Laura has gone above and beyond her duty as my sports therapist. Myself and my running partner have received regular messages about new treatments and training schedules. I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone requiring treatment.'

Tom Fraser, Chipperfield, age 23